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Auto-Flowering Vs Photoperiod Cannabis Genetics

Auto-Flowering Vs Photoperiod Cannabis Genetics.

What's the difference you may ask?

Photoperiod and auto-flowering plants are different in some ways.

Photoperiod and auto-flowering plants detect seasonal changes in several different ways; this is due to the fact that they evolved in, and adapted to, different environments.


Photoperiod Cannabis Genetics:

The very word "photoperiod" refers to the time frame of sunshine or light the plant experiences.

Photoperiod Strains shift into a flowering mode when their light cycle changes.

When growing Outdoors, this happens when summer transitions into winter and also the days get shorter.

When growing Indoors, growers have to initiate flowering by reducing the quantity of light their plants receive. Usually going from 18 Hours right down to 12 Hours on a daily basis.


-Great yield potential

-More resilient to training techniques

-Higher cannabinoid content than autoflowers

-Greater variety of strain options

-Allows the ability for cloning/indefinite vegging (Housing Mother Plants)


-Harder to Grow for beginners

-Takes longer from seed to Harvest

-Can be inconvenient/difficult to grow

-Indoor growers are accountable for inducing bloom


Auto-Flowering Genetics:

Auto-flowering strains aren't reliant on the duration of light or dark hours they receive in order to start flowering.

They start to flower automatically when they are a few weeks old.

This tends to make autos great to grow all year round especially favorable for winter outdoor grows.

All auto-flowering hybrids contain genes from a subspecies called ruderalis.

Ruderalis Strains are native to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and thus evolved with a far shorter season than her photoperiod Sativa and Indica counterparts who were growing elsewhere within the world with longer growing seasons.


-Easy to grow

-Fast life cycle

-Greater variety than before

-Covert size



-Small size equates to lower yields

-Slightly lower potency than most photoperiod strains

-Easier to overfeed

-Can’t use high-stress training techniques



When it comes to choosing between auto-flowering and photoperiod cannabis strains, Take into consideration the following: 

Are you a beginner or an experienced grower?

What light schedule are you able to offer?

what space do you have to work with? 

what amount of effort does it take?

once you have got weighed out your options the best option should become a clear-minded choice.

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