Can Vaping Kill You? What You Should Know!

Can Vaping Kill You? What You Should Know!

The Outbreak of Vaping Related Illnesses in the US: What You Should Know


The world of vaping has been in somewhat of a turbulent state recently with reports of an outbreak of what is being called Vaping Associated Pulmonary Injury (or VAPI), a worrying pandemic affecting around 500 people across the United States, and having claimed, as of this week, its eighth life.

With so much coverage of the unprecedented outbreak, the US Center for Disease Control has been investigating the matter intently, and while nothing certain or conclusive has been identified as to the cause of the outbreak, the CDC suggests the culprits may well be a compound called Vitamin E acetate, a diluent often used in unregulated THC vape juices.

What is Vitamin-E Oil?

‘Vitamin E’ does not simply describe a single product, but is rather an umbrella term used for a group of oils called tocopherols that are either found in vegetable oils or can be synthesized from petroleum.

These compounds are nothing new and are often used in cosmetics, food products and pharmaceuticals; but they have only recently been used in vaping products. There are known dangers with using these compounds in any products due to their high toxicity levels and carcinogenic potential.

One compound related to Vitamin E in particular, hydroquinone has actually been banned by the EU, which was typically used as a skin lightening agent, due to concerns about its dangers in any application; and it is this very compound that the CDC is scrutinizing closely for its use in unregulated vape products. When inhaled from cheaper forms of Vitamin E oil, hydroquinone can prove to be very dangerous indeed.

These products are in circulation despite their projected dangers and attempts to keep them off of the market.

Why the Sudden Outbreak?

Vaping products have been around for about a decade with little to no reports of vaping related illnesses happening until very recently. Many of these reports come from vapers who have only been doing it for a short time, which begs the question of why such a sudden outbreak should occur.

The answer may lie in how the popularity of vaping has grown steadily and much more quickly than attempts to regulate the industry, resulting in a slew of potentially dangerous products being sold on illicit markets.

This means that much of the onus is on vapers themselves to ensure that they opt for higher quality products, and that they know exactly which compounds are used in purchased e-liquids, as these Vitamin E compounds are generally only found on the illicit market.

Our Stance on Product Quality

This has obviously been quite a concern for us at Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge. The protection and health of our customers is always a concern in an industry such as ours, and it is one that we strive to uphold with integrity.

We urge all of our customers to take absolute care as to where they get their products from and, of course, how they choose to use them.

Use as Directed

We urge that you take the time to understand the potential dangers of vaping with Vitamin E oil compounds which have been shown to hold potential health-risks. There are a number of high-quality diluants that don’t contain these questionable compounds and can be used in conjunction with both nicotine and THC extracts with no discernible side-effects.


We also want to remind our customers to use vape products as directed. Please avoid practices such as using nic-salt e-liquids with sub-ohm devices, as this can lead to potential health-risks.

Take care too, to use high-quality products for coils, mods and batteries, as these too, if not manufactured with consumer health in mind, can also have unwanted side-effects.

Contact Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge for Answers

If you would like further information on the use of Vitamin E compounds and the safe consumption of vape products, feel free to contact Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge with questions. Additionally, feel free to browse our website for information on our offers.

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