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SunPlus Slim LED Grow Light

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SunPlus Slim LED Grow Light

Brought to you by Phoenix Sky

The SunPlus Slim is designed and developed in South Africa

It features an ultra-wide and slim design making it Phoenix Sky's most slim and lightweight product ever.

The ultra-wide design allows for max coverage in all types of growing environments. Powered by a Meanwell driver the all-new Slim is their new entry-level product offering consumers the most affordable light ever.

The Slim features Samsung 281+ Pro diodes and is tried and tested for all plants in all stages of growing allowing the grower to achieve rapid plant and bud growth reaching maximum quality and quantity while avoiding energy expenses & overheating experienced by HPS systems.

High-efficiency Samsung diodes (Samsung 281+ Pro)
Ultra-slim & lightweight design.
Meanwell Power Supply included.
3-year warranty.
Available in 150w.

This product has been designed, engineered, and tested in South Africa the team at Phoenix Sky.

Lead time of 3 days for Manufacture

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