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Introducing The Milk E-Liquids Range.

Brought to you by Monster Labs, Creators of Some of the worlds most favorite ranges such as Jam Monster, Fruit Monster, Custard Monster & Even Lemonade Monster!

Brought to you all the way from the USA.

A Mouthwatering range of endless Milk & Cereal Combinations From a berry cereal Crunch, a Fruit loops cereal and even a cinnamon crunch cereal, There is sure to be something to fit just about any Dessert craving 

Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge is pleased to bring you the best that the international vaping community has to offer, with an extensive selection of high-quality and world-renowned international e-liquids.

We import the highest quality e-liquids from the world’s leading suppliers, and make getting them to you here in South Africa simple, stress-free and convenient.

Looking to try out The Milk e-liquids?

Contact a representative from Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge today, or take a look at our online store for details of our products.

We Don't Just Ship to JohannesburgCapetown & Durban we ship Nationwide Anywhere in South Africa!

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