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6 Piece Heavy Duty Metal Grinder With Viewing Chamber

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Introducing the 6 Piece Heavy Duty Metal Grinder With Viewing Chamber.
This Grinder is packed with amazing features!
To Start it off this grinder features 2 groves on top which works as a phone holder or even an ashtray! (We highly recommend not using it as an ashtray tho).
The Grinder is made up of 6 pieces combining to a 5 stage grinder that features a viewing chamber where all your material collects when grinded as well as a chamber at the base which is used to catch & store all your precious Kief & pollen and yes it does come with a kief spoon!
To top it all off the grinders top & base feature indent grips ensuring effortless grinding each time and comes completely apart for easy cleaning.
These grinders are 6cm in diameter & stand 7cm tall.
Available in 2 colours: Black & Silver

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