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SunPlus 200 LED Grow Light

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SunPlus 200 LED

The SunPlus 200 uses our custom designed Phoenix Sky® LED module powered by LumiLed LEDs and is designed to offer the home or hobby horticulturist a cost-effective lighting solution.

This product is designed to provide plants with the full intensities of light needed from seed to flower.

SUNPLUS FEATURES L 570 x W 218 x H 65

Power output: 240w

Powerful LumiLed LED module.

Low electricity usage.

Reliable passive cooled design.

Meanwell Power Supply included.

3-year warranty on all diodes and PCB boards.

5-year warranty on Meanwell driver.

This product has been designed, engineered, and tested in South Africa the team at Phoenix Sky.

Lead time of 3 days for Manufacture

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