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Blunt Wraps VS Hemp Wraps


With thousands of approaches to smoking your way, wraps have always stood out as one of the more pleasurable experiences. For the longest time, blunts were the order of the day, a cigar wrap that can hold more than enough of your favourite bud so that you can smoke it slowly, luxuriously, and with a sense of revelling in your overkill enjoyment. 

They have largely been enjoyed by the tobacco-appreciating community, smokers, because blunt wraps do have those high concentrations of nicotine that kick the back of the throat just right and make you feel like a rapper in the process. So, by and large, the more health-conscious stoner community rejoiced when hemp wraps, a far healthier alternative, hit the market.

But while blunt and hemp wraps pretty much serve the same function, they do give a different experience in a couple of ways. Some of the differences make one notably better than the other in certain aspects, while others are down to personal preference.

So come with me fellow stoners if you have browsed the shelves of blunt wraps and hemp wraps and left the store no wiser, let’s take a closer look at their differences.


Let’s not kid ourselves, smoking anything, no matter what it’s made from, is not the healthy option, but there is a less bad-for-you option where hemp wraps are concerned. This is noticeable because hemp wraps are not made from tobacco (if you didn’t figure that out already from the name), especially considering that tobacco is a known carcinogen, and a massive part of the stoner community would rather avoid it.

This never used to matter to me, until I stopped smoking. There are times where I would kill for a fat blunt but then, oh goodness, there goes my nicotine addiction flaring up again. I can attest to how hemp wraps scratch that itch that no joint ever could, as far as a cigarette smoker goes, and doesn’t leave me wanting to chain smoke afterwards.

So, for you ex-smokers, hemp wraps might give you that heavier experience you miss.


I like almost everything about hemp wraps except for one crucial detail, they are often a nightmare to roll with. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with one for ages only to result in a sad limped looking ‘blunt’ that you have to hold together.

Okay, maybe I’m not the best roller out there, but it never happens with blunt wraps. Hemp wraps, being the generally organic option, tends to exclude glue from their make-up, which can make them a real bitch to roll with.


Blunt and hemp wraps each have a distinctly different taste because of the tobacco difference between them, and this is one of those things that comes down to preference, and what you feel like at the time.

Tobacco has a harsher, spicier flavour that can even overpower the flavours in your bud, at just the right ratios though, it is more likely to enhance it. Naturally, if you are not a cigarette or cigar smoker, you might find this a little overwhelming.

Hemp wraps offer a much smoother, but less dense smoke, which almost always enhances the taste of the weed (for better or worse, so don’t waste it on bad stuff).


You might not think it, but blunt and hemp wraps can actually give you fairly different highs from each other thanks to their makeup.

One is made from tobacco, while the other contains CBD, and the more experienced of you probably already know what that means.

Nicotine is a stimulant, and when mixed with THC, it tends to add a bit more of a buzz to the high, especially if you are not a smoker. This can either make it a bit more energetic, or in some cases, can make it a bit more anxious (again, especially if you are not a smoker).

Hemp wraps, which contain CBD, will generally give you a much calmer, more relaxed high when mixed with THC, with the downside of possibly dampening its intensity, even if just a little.


The preference between blunt and smoke wraps comes down to the individual, or maybe even how you feel at the time, so why not stock up on both at the Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge. Visit our shop to see our range of 420-friendly products or check out our website for details.

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