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Vaping culture has been around long enough for it to have formed its own tightly knit community of experts, which can make things somewhat overwhelming for newcomers. 

The world of vaping is so fraught with unique terms and abbreviations to learn that, as the meme says it, a lot of people don’t know what most of them mean and at this point, they’re too afraid to ask.

We’re not content to leave you in the dark, however, and so Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge brings you a semi-comprehensive new buyer’s guide to all things vaping.

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The Beauty of Buildable Tanks

A detailed break down of the beauty of rebuildable vape tanks.

-The Convenience behind using rebuildable vape tanks

-How to have pinpoint control over your vaping experience 

-How you get more for less when using rebuildable vape tanks

-The convenience of the constant availability of things needed to rebuild your vape tanks

-The learning experience that comes with rebuildable tanks

-Room to experiment with rebuildable tanks.


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The Outbreak of Vaping Related Illnesses in the US: What You Should Know!

nothing certain or conclusive has been identified as to the cause of the outbreak, the CDC suggests the culprits may well be a compound called Vitamin E acetate, a diluent often used in unregulated THC vape juices.

What is Vitamin-E Oil?

‘Vitamin E’ does not simply describe a single product, but is rather an umbrella term used for a group of oils called tocopherols that are either found in vegetable oils or can be synthesised from petroleum.

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The Vape Builder’s Crash Course: A Simple Understanding of Ohms.

The relationship between Watts, Voltage and Ohms are essential to the wold of vaping, and is directly related to what you get out of your vape coils

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