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We stock vape Sub Ohm tanks, RDAs, RTAs and  RDTAs for beginners as well as for avid and experienced Vapers. With a wide selection of each, we can offer customisable options offer a vaping experience that is as unique as you are.

Each and every one of these products has been chosen by us based on their quality and are sourced from leading brands around the world, brought directly to you, right here in South Africa.

Vape Tanks

We offer a wide range of sub-Ohm vape tanks of differing styles and sizes to suit your exact requirements. These include tanks from Ijoy and Smok.

Vape RTAs

Our selection of RTAs (rebuildable tank atomisers) allow for an enhanced vaping experience that is characterised by rich flavour and sheer customisability. These products include those from Hellvape, Geekvape and Wotofo.

Vape RDAs

Our RDA’s (rebuildable drip atomisers) are perfect for the discerning vaper who is looking for enhanced flavour and enjoyment alongside ease of customisability. These products include those from brands such as Hellvape and Wotofo.

Vape RDTAs

Our RDTAs (rebuildable dripping tank atomisers) are designed similarly to rebuilable drip atomisers, with the difference that they don’t actually require constant dripping, while still offering similar performance to RDAs.

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