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Yesterday’s ‘Pot-Heads’ are Tomorrow’s Community Leaders

The last few years have seen some immense changes come over our global village, particularly with regards to the cultivation, use and sale of marijuana. These changes have slowly made their way to our own borders with 420 enthusiasts all over the country lighting up in peace and celebration.

There are, of course, still major strides to be made before this once demonized substance becomes seamlessly integrated with society; but my ability to light-up a dab rig without fear of being on the wrong side of an argument with the law is not the only benefit to these recent changes.

The implications are far more wide-spread than my own post-smoking paranoia:

A Swaying Social-View

Go back a decade or so and weed (or dope as it was unfortunately once referred to as) conjured up images of the stereotypical lazy dropout; ambitionless, grimy and altogether unscrupulous. It was an image to be avoided at all costs, even though more people were ‘dope-smokers’ than would ever admit to it.

As time went on and society went through numerous check-sum changes (both locally and abroad), people began to question the practicality of this viewpoint.

Voices began to ask why it was even illegal in the first place, and more and more people began to prominently propagate the ‘stoner’s lifestyle’ with community leading enterprises such as the Dagga Couple and Fields of Green for All taking a stand against the unfair criticisms laid at the roots of the humble weed plant.

Right here in Johannesburg and all over the world, smokers began to take to the streets in demonstration that they no longer wished to feel like criminals for choosing the herb.

As progress rose like plumes of sweet-smelling smoke into the air everything from the plant’s embittered legal status to the way the media portrayed it, all began to change to take on a more positive form.

Nowadays there are doctors, lawyers, accountants, actors, philosophers, educators and the like, all lauding the best properties of the herb and making it a part of a balanced life of their own;

The Unexpected Interest

And surprise! society didn’t crumble, didn’t even deviate in the least, much to the horror of those lobbyists and policymakers who feared the worst following a global wave of legalisation.

In fact, interest in cultivation in the plant, and of course its recreational use, has spiked in a surprising demographic right here in Johannesburg, with numerous nurseries reporting an interest in buying home-grow kits from those between the ages of 50 and 70 years old; the very generation which once called it ‘dope’.

These were yesterday’s stoners. A label that no longer defines them. They are also parents, grandparents, professionals, community leaders and above all, valued members of society. It’s a good time to be alive.

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