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A New Buyers Guide To Vaping | Vaping Devices

Vaping culture has been around long enough for it to have formed its own tightly knit community of experts, which can make things somewhat overwhelming for newcomers. 

The world of vaping is so fraught with unique terms and abbreviations to learn that, as the meme says it, a lot of people don’t know what most of them mean and at this point, they’re too afraid to ask.

We’re not content to leave you in the dark, however, and so Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge brings you a semi-comprehensive new buyer’s guide to all things vaping.

Let’s start simple.


Every established vaper has their own way of enjoying the sweet and satisfying flavours that make vaping attractive in the first place. And there are countless ways to do it. 

Let’s look at a few of the most popular ones here. Don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of abbreviations, you’ll find one that fits you and get comfortable with it:

ENDS: Electronic Nicotine Delivery System

A fancy term for any tobacco product that you don’t have to set on fire, most notably, all types of vapes, e-cigs, personal vaporizers, pods, mods, hookahs, vape pens, e-cigars… you get the point.

MTL: Mouth to Lung

These types of vapes are self-explanatory, and sort of do their best to imitate the actions you go through when smoking. That is to say that you start by filling your mouth with vapour when using them, and then inhale it into your lungs.

Even though they are ideal for switching from cigarettes because they imitate smoking, these are not even nearly the most prevalent types of vapes on the market.

DTL: Direct to Lung

Direct-to-lung sounds far more intense than it actually is, which is just as well because this is one of the more popular types of vaping out there. Simply put, you breathe vapor directly into your lungs, getting more of a throaty hit with each drag, which makes it a better option for those kicking cigarettes.

They produce far more vapour than their MTL counterparts, so aren’t ideal for those looking for something discreet. 


Looks like a cigarette, almost feels like a cigarette, isn’t a cigarette.

A generally good starting point for those moving over from smoking since they keep the feeling of the habit, produce far less vapour than DTLs, but still hit the back of the throat just right… if you’re a smoker.


A mod with space for an e-liquid bottle that feeds directly to the deck where the wick soaks it up for a more direct experience. Squonk mods, while offering superior flavour, tend to use mechanical mods (that aren’t regulated with a chip), which makes them far better suited to veteran vapers who understand how ohms work (more about this in a later article).

Vape Pens

An excellent starting point for beginners, vape pens are discreet, easy to use, affordable, and reliable. Spend less time fiddling with settings and building coils, and more time enjoying your vape pen. As a starting point, many vape pen users tend to move on to DTL devices after a while.

PV: Personal Vaporisers

These are kind of considered the grandchildren of vape pens. They are similar but make better use of newer technology to enhance the experience. They are far more customisable than their dated counterparts and allow coils to be swapped out instead of the entire atomizer, making them quite a bit more cost-effective in the right hands.


Vape pods represent one of the newer innovations on the market. They are quite a bit more affordable than your average DTL device, are very discreet, and cater almost exclusively to salt nic (nicotine salt) e-liquids. 

They provide a vaping experience that is much closer to actual smoking than any other (currently existing) type, and the use of salt nics provides much higher concentrations of nicotine than any other type of vape.


For those of you looking for something a little… recreational out of your vaping experience, there are a couple of devices that work well with the more ‘herbaceous’ variety of smoking substances.

They are designed to maximise the enjoyment of 40-20 friendly products in whichever way you prefer, are affordable, easy to use, and mostly easy to keep clean.

Herb Vapes

Does what it says on the tin, not for rosemary…

These devices can be loaded directly with bud and seamlessly used as a discreet but effective vaporiser. About as smooth on the throat as any other way of smoking bud, but not a microgram goes to waste.

Wax Vapes

Ideal for enthusiasts of concentrates, you know the type I’m talking about…

Very discreet, powerful, convenient, and just a really nice way to enjoy waxes and dabs, either at home or on the go.

3-in-1 Wax/Oil/Herb Vapes

Does it all, whether you’re into bud, waxes, dabs, or oils. Can even take a combination of all to give you an herb vaping experience that appeals to you specifically.


Here at Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge we stock the latest in vaping tech for mods, pods, squonks, MTL, DTL, and any other type of device you can think of. 

Looking for assistance with sourcing a vaping product that is just right for you? Visit our website or contact our vape shop `at 071 883 7026 for details and assistance.

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