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The Beauty of Buildable Vape Tanks

The Beauty of Buildable Tanks

There is something to be said about how convenient regular vape tanks can be. Installing new coils with ease, priming them simply, and getting new ones when you need them have their advantages, but for those that choose to take better control of their vaping experience, our vape shop has a few tips on how to do it using RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs.

If those acronyms are too much to take in, we are basically going to cover rebuildable tanks and drippers in this article, talking particularly about their benefits.

Pinpoint Control of Your Vaping Experience

With the right tools, coils, and cotton at your disposal, buildable tanks and drippers give you so much more control over how you want to vape than standard tanks will.

Far from buying premanufactured coils that give you a baseline vaping experience, RDAs and RTAs allow you to build things exactly to your specifications. 

It might take some experimentation at first, but when you hit that goldilocks zone, you’ll be happy you did.

Getting More for Less

Initially, it can take a bit of exploration to see what you like, and while such experimentation can cost a fortune with manufactured coils, the price difference on RDAs and RTAs makes experimentation completely plausible.

Your preferred type of wire can be bought more cheaply, cotton is available in varieties of prices and qualities, or can even come ready to wick for you, depending on how you like to do it.

Still, all these added benefits tend to come at a much cheaper price than buying manufactured coils for tanks.

More Availability

How many times have you made it to a vape shop only to find that your coils are not on the shelves? Every vaper at some point struggles with this when using prebuilt coils. Those with RDAs and RTAs have things a little easier though.

You’ll have an easier time finding wire to wind, pre-wound coils, and cotton most of the time, but when supply on coils is interrupted, you will love not having to worry about it.

Don’t believe us? Think of how difficult it was to find your pre-built coils during the lockdown. I watched a friend literally take apart his disposable tank with a screwdriver and jimmy it just to get a few unpleasant drags out of it… every day.

In the meantime, my steady supply of coils and cotton meant that I had nothing to worry about, even as lockdown extended further and further into each month. All I needed was my stockpiled wire and cotton.

A Learning Experience

You must have noticed it by now; vaping is something of a lifestyle for those who get the most enjoyment out of it. Vape shops are bona-fide communities where people share ideas and opinions on their favorite flavours, builds, tanks, mods and more.

Getting an RDA or RTA takes this hobby to the next level, which is exciting for a lot of people who embrace the lifestyle.

Learning how to build can be a lot of fun and involves a lot of experimentation. 

Also, we live in the 21st century. Worried about not knowing how to build? YouTube is there for you. Still not getting the hang of it? Head to your local vape shop, you’re always likely to get help there.

My Personal Bonus: Room to Experiment

I’m going to throw this one in as a little bonus, because it isn’t typically the type of advice you would find online, but RDAs (dripper tanks) in particular, can have an added benefit to those herb smokers out there.

Like dabbing but don’t have space for a rig in your home? RDAs offer a surprisingly effective and affordable way to do it. 

Get an RDA that you will only be using for dabbing (trust me they take damage). By using a single coil in the build, without any cotton, you can actually convert the dripper into a very effective, convenient and discrete dab-rig… and the best thing is that it’s portable.

You can even use the airflow on the side of the tank as a clutch. Just be sure to check that you have the right ohms and temperatures in place; and do it with care.

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Want to find out more about our offers on RDAs and RTAs that are sure to enhance your vaping experience, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge today, or take a look at our online store for vape tanks.

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