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The Vape Builder’s Crash Course: A Simple Understanding of Ohms

Whether you use factory built vape coils or take pride in the customize ability of your pre-build tank, having even the most basic understanding of Ohms (that is the resistance offered by your coils to control the current that passes through them) can have an incredibly satisfying impact on the performance of your build.

Knowing how to tweak the electrical properties of your pre-built vape coils can completely change the cloud capacity, flavour, throat hit and satisfaction of your vaping experience.

And since these are factors best left to personal preference, any vaper, experienced or not, can benefit from knowing even a little bit about Ohms, Watts and voltage.

Ohms Law

While the details of the physics behind Ohm’s law can be a bit befuddling, you need not be a grand master mathematician to apply it to vaping.

The equation is simple (if you’re the type to find equations simple) and can be represented as R=V/I, which simply represents the proportions of resistance given by the coil to that of provided voltage and current.

Ohms themselves represent the amount of resistance offered by the vape coils in an atomizer. The more resistance there is, the less current will pass through the coil, which means that more voltage will be needed to generate heat.

If the resistance is lowered, more of a current will be generated with less of a need for voltage, thereby producing more heat, bigger clouds and a more intense flavour.

What Affects Resistance

There are a few factors that will determine the resistance given out by your vape coils.

The thickness of the wire is one. The thicker it is, the more surface area there is for the current to travel over, and so the lower your resistance will be. Conversely, the thinner it is, the less surface area there will be, and you will get more resistance, which will require a higher voltage to heat up.

The number of wraps in the coil also matter, as well as the diameter of each wrap. The larger the diameter and the more wraps you have, the higher the resistance will be.

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