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Rolling Mixes

Depending where you are in the world there’s always the debate of mixing or not mixing tobacco with your green. In places like America, Canada, and countries in  South America, it’s almost Ludacris to mix anything with your green however in Coffeeshops Amsterdam and throughout Europe, it is considered to be the Only way to Roll up.

But why would people want to mix anything with their Weed? Most of the time, Stoners use mix with tobacco or a Herbal Smoking Mix for many reasons. It may be because they prefer to null the weed taste or enjoy the taste with tobacco, the effect perhaps from the tobacco or herbs found in herbal rolling mixes, They could feel they sitting with some loud stanky dank and would rather dilute the effects or sometimes even because they want that baggie to go a little further they  don’t want to have put 1 or 2 grams in a single joint.

Whatever your preference Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge has you covered with an ever growing selection of Tobacco Rolling Mixes & Herbal Rolling mixes From South Africa and all around the world!

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