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600W SYLVANIA Grolux HPS Lamp

600W SYLVANIA Grolux HPS Lamp

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600W SYLVANIA Grolux HPS Lamp.

The Sylvania Grolux HPS Lamp - 600W is a High Pressure Sodium grow light, featuring a patented arc tube designed to provide optimal photosynthetic efficiency. Engineered for maximum PAR output, this lamp is suitable for both supplementary and primary lighting in your indoor cultivation space, boasting a light spectrum tailored to enhance plant growth.


  • Patented arc tube
  • High PAR output
  • 600W power rating
  • 90000 lumen output
  • 2050K color temperature


  • Luminous flux (lm): 90000
  • Ambient temperature for maximum luminous flux (C): 25
  • Color temperature (K): 2050
  • Wattage (W): 615
  • Current (A): 5.5
  • Voltage (V): 230
  • Diameter (mm): 48
  • Weight (g): 152

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