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Airbomz Maxi CO2 Can

Airbomz Maxi CO2 Can

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Airbomz Maxi CO2 Can.

The best way to increase the potential and productivity of your plant is with an Airbomz CO2 Dispenser. This cutting-edge CO2 dispenser is made to give your indoor grow the ideal amount of carbon dioxide, resulting in explosive plant growth and an up to 50% increase in your overall yield.

Simply insert the included CO2 maxi can into the device, which is attached to the top of your grow tent or room. The dispenser will precisely disperse CO2 into your growing area, guaranteeing that your plants are receiving the right amount of this vital gas for photosynthesis.

You can simply increase the CO2 levels in your grow area to the recommended 1200 ppm with the Airbomz CO2 Dispenser, providing the optimal conditions for your plants to flourish. This ideal CO2 concentration will promote plant development, raise bud size and density, and improve plant health in general.

The Airbomz CO2 Dispenser not only greatly enhances plant growth and yield, but it also does it in a sustainable manner. The CO2 maxi cans that the dispenser uses are organic and regenerative, making it a sustainable option for indoor growers.

For growers who need to keep a low profile, the Airbomz CO2 Dispenser is a perfect choice because it is undetectable and covert. The dispenser's lightweight and small size make it simple to install and store without taking up valuable grow space.

3 weeks in the replacement MAXI can

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