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All Rounder Spray

All Rounder Spray

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All Rounder Spray

Brought to you by Buddi Sprays

Buddis Spray All Rounder is the ideal solution to all round pest maintenance, works on Spidermites, Fungus Gnats, Aphids & Powdery Mildew.

Buddi Sprays were developed out of a passion for gardening and a lack of readily available organic and non-toxic pest control options. As an enthusiastic grower I had tried for years to find the perfect solutions for pest management on soft-stemmed plants such as cannabis. I eventually saw an opportunity to share my solution;  a gentle dosage of organically grown cold pressed essential aromatherapy oils and vegan non-toxic soap combined to meet the very specific needs of dealing with cannabis pests.

Spray “buddi” to the underside of the leaves & around the stems of your plants (do not saturate the roots) or in your growing area shortly before your lighting cycle goes off (do not spray onto the light/ bulb).

For outdoor plants; apply “buddi” in the early evenings.

If you have identified your pest then make use of the appropriate “buddi” product for optimum results. 

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