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Autopot 1Pot Module

Autopot 1Pot Module

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Autopot 1Pot Module.

The 1Pot System is a highly adaptable solution for cultivating various types and sizes of plants. It caters to both seasonal flowering plants and perennial shrubs, fostering abundant blooms and foliage through the unique mechanism of the AQUAvalve. This valve enables plants to undergo a beneficial wet and dry cycle.

The system's versatility extends to its scalability. Multiple pots can be linked to a single tank, accommodating different layouts and plant arrangements. Additionally, the pots and trays are easily movable, facilitating adjustments as plants grow. If needed, plants can be spaced further apart with minimal effort.

Once the system is set up and the tank is filled with water and liquid feed, it autonomously tends to the plants' needs. Regularly refilling the tank is the only maintenance required. Please note that tanks and filters are sold separately.

Components included in the 1Pot Module:

  • 1x 1Pot tray, lid, and 9mm top hat grommet
  • 1x 15 L Pot
  • 1x AQUAvalve5
  • 1x 1m of 9mm pipe
  • 1x 9mm tee connector
  • 1x 16-9mm tee connector
  • 1x 16-9mm cross connector
  • 1x Matrix Disc (Square)
  • 1x Root Control Disc (Square)

Specifications of pipe sizes:

  • 9mm pipe: Outside Diameter 9mm / Inside Diameter 7mm
  • 16mm pipe: Outside Diameter 16mm / Inside Diameter 13mm

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