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Autopot 1Pot Tray With Lid

Autopot 1Pot Tray With Lid

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Autopot 1Pot Tray With Lid.

The Autopot 1Pot Replacement Tray with Lid serves as a versatile replacement tray for your 1pot system. Whether your current tray has worn down or you wish to expand your system, this tray offers a solution. It's designed to accommodate 15L and 8.5L square pots, ensuring compatibility with various setups.


  1. Compact: The tray is designed to be space-efficient, fitting seamlessly into your existing setup.
  2. Covered: The inclusion of a lid provides protection and containment, helping to maintain the optimal environment for your plants.
  3. 15/8.5L Pot Compatible: Compatible with both 15-liter and 8.5-liter square pots, offering flexibility in pot size choices.


  • Compatible Pots: 8.5L, 15L, Square
  • Compatible Systems: Autopot AQUAValve5 systems
  • Dimensions: 350 x 245mm

This replacement tray with a lid ensures durability and convenience in maintaining or expanding your 1pot system, making it a practical choice for hydroponic gardening enthusiasts.

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