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Autopot 4Pot System with AutoPot 47L Tank

Autopot 4Pot System with AutoPot 47L Tank

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Autopot 4Pot System with AutoPot 47L Tank.

Introducing the Autopot 4Pot System with the AutoPot 47L Tank, a revolutionary hydroponic solution designed to enhance plant cultivation for both experts and beginners. This innovative system offers versatility, convenience, and superior growth potential.

The Autopot 4Pot System accommodates a wide range of plant types and sizes, providing an ideal wet-dry cycle through its unique AQUAvalve mechanism, resulting in robust growth and abundant foliage. It's easily expandable, allowing connection of multiple pots to one tank, and offers customizable layouts with options for 9mm and 16mm piping.

Setup is straightforward - simply fill the 47L tank with water and nutrient solution, and let the AQUAvalve technology take care of the rest. Maintenance is minimal, with occasional tank refills needed. The package includes essential components such as trays, pots, valves, and connectors, ensuring optimal performance and user-friendliness.

With its superior features and ease of use, the Autopot 4Pot System offers a competitive edge in hydroponic gardening, enabling exceptional year-round plant growth. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your cultivation efforts with this groundbreaking system.

4Pot System Includes:

1x 47L tank, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
1x 9mm golf filter
4x 9mm tee
2x 9mm cross connector
2x 9mm inline taps
4x 1Pot tray, lid & 9mm top hat grommet
4x 15-liter pots
4x AQUAvalve5
4x root control discs
4x matrix discs
1x 4-meter length of 9mm pipe

Growing Media is sold separately. Use coco coir based substrates of your choice, as coco coir is great at soaking and dispersing water throughout the substrate from the bottom of the pots.

It is also recommended to use about 1lt of LECA (Clay pebbles) to fill the bottom of each pot, before filling up the rest of the pot with your substrate of choice.

Autopot Instructions

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