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Autopot Top Hat Grommets

Autopot Top Hat Grommets

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Autopot Top Hat Grommets

Grommets are used to create watertight seals for the plumbing of hydroponic systems such as NFT systems, DWC systems, Dutch Bucket systems, water reservoirs etc.

A hole is drilled and the Grommet is inserted into the hole. Piping is then pushed through the grommet which will form a watertight seal.

Top Hat Grommet measurements (approximate, in mm) follow below:

6mm Top Hat Grommet 10 6
9mm Top Hat Grommet 13.5



Based on the above the following grommet & piping combinations are advised:

9mm Autopot Piping (for use with Autopot Aquavalve 5): 9mm Top Hat Grommet

5mm irrigation piping: 6mm Ring Grommet or 6mm Top Hat Grommet


6mm Top Hat Grommet: 9.5mm drill bit

9mm Top Hat Grommet: 12.5mm drill bit 

It is not recommended that Petroleum Jelly is used as a lubricant. A silicon lubricant, although more expensive, is better. Olive oil can also be used. Throwing grommets into HOT water before installing also helps a lot.

Please note if grommet is fitted and then taken out a number of times, it may stretch and warp.

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