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Bi Growmix 50L

Bi Growmix 50L

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Bi Growmix 50L.

Brought to you by Atami.

Atami Bi-Growmix is an organically fertilized soil that is relatively airy of structure and free of harmful fungi. This makes it a good foundation for successful growing. The plants can root on it directly from the initial stage and then develop further in size.

As far as the amount and ratio of fertilizers is concerned, this substrate can be considered medium. By this we mean that when growing on Atami Bi-Growmix, extra liquid fertilizers are present in the start-up phase. Atami advises to add liquid fertilizer after this period to the crop for optimal results. Atami Bi-Growmix derives its name from its composition of 20% of coco fibres and chips that provide additional air chambers.

EC: 1,25 – 1,50

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