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BioBloom Green House Powder Feeding

BioBloom Green House Powder Feeding

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BioBloom Green House Powder Feeding.

Brought to you by Green House Feeding.

Introducing Green House Powder Feeding – BioBloom, a comprehensive bio-fertilizer meticulously crafted in powdered form, designed to cater to the flowering stage of all plants. The heart of this formulation lies in the provision of essential nutrients drawn from natural minerals and organic raw materials.

Engineered to harmonize with the realm of biological agriculture, Green House Powder Feeding – BioBloom seamlessly integrates immediately available natural-mineral nutrients and slowly released organic nutrients, facilitated by the diligent actions of microorganisms within the soil. The symbiotic presence of beneficial fungi and bacteria within BioBloom enhances soil's microbial activity, providing the components necessary for the formation of humus.

Usage Guidelines: BioBloom harmoniously blends into the substrate, proving its adaptability to soil, coco, or analogous mediums. Incorporation can occur during transplantation or later as a top dressing, introduced to the upper layer of the soil.

Nutrient release remains steady over an 8-week period.

For flowering periods of up to 8 weeks, a singular application suffices. In instances of extended flowering cycles, a second application later in the cycle is recommended (as a top dressing).

Dosage Guidelines:

  • 8 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter of substrate
  • 10 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 2-3g/Liter of substrate, 3rd week = 1g/Liter of substrate
  • 12 weeks flowering period: 1st week = 3g/Liter of substrate, 5th week = 1g/Liter of substrate

For light-feeding plants and pre-fertilized soils, adjust dosages accordingly.


It's important to note that mycelium from beneficial fungi may appear on the substrate's surface. This occurrence enhances microbial life within the substrate and poses no threat to humans, animals, or plants.

Fungi serve as pivotal agents in decomposing organic matter, including simple sugars and amino acids. They also contribute to solubilizing minerals initially inaccessible to plants.

DO NOT REMOVE THIS FUNGUS! It will naturally dissipate after several days, leaving its positive impact intact.

K (Ca - Mg) 4 - 9 - 9 (5,7 - 2,4)

18% [C] Organic Carbon 

4% [N] total Nitrogen

4% [N] Organic Nitrogen

9% [P2O5] Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water and neutral ammonium citrate

9% [KO2] Potassium oxide soluble in water

8% [CaO] Calcium oxide

4% [MgO] Magnesium oxide

18% [SO3] Sulfur trioxide

31% Organic matter from bone meal, feather meal, vinasses, rapeseed cake meal

You can find our recommended feeding schedule here:

For a detailed how to video see the following link:


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