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Cal-Mag Plus

Cal-Mag Plus

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Cal-Mag Plus

Brought to you by Easy Hydro Grow (EHG)

EHG’s Cal-Mag Plus provides the optimal balance and precise ratios of calcium, magnesium
and iron which are critical throughout all stages of plant growth, particularly in heavily fruiting
plants and fast blooming annuals.

These critical elements increase photosynthesis, cell division and plant tissue development,
flower and fruit set, and nutrient, water and carbon dioxide uptake, helping to maximise
yields in flowering and fruiting plant varieties.

When used in conjunction with nutrient solutions Cal-Mag Plus acts as a catalyst to ensure
the uptake of essential nutrients. Always use as a supplement for reverse osmosis water and
when growing in coco coir. Cal-Mag Plus will rapidly remedy any problems associated with
calcium, magnesium or iron deficiencies.

Directions - 2ml’s per litre of water. Shake well before use.
Apply as a foliar feed, supplement and or buffering agent.

N 4% - Ca 3,2% - Mg 1,2% - Iron 0,1%

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