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Dab Blow Torch

Dab Blow Torch

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The Zengaz Penguin Torch Jet

The ideal Dab Blow Torch to use to heat those Dab Nails & Dab Bangers!


-Before use, move the switch to the left to unlock the ignition button.

-Always keep it locked when not in use

-Push the ignition button till you hear it click.

-The gas is now ignited, releasing the button will extinguish the flame.

-the safety button can be locked while the ignition button is on to keep the flame burning.

-to adjust the flame, move the flame regulator to the left(-) or right(+)


-Always refill in a well ventilated area.

-Hold the torch upside down

-Place the nozzle in the filling valve and hold till filled

-After filling wait 2 minutes before use


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