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DynaRoot Powder No2

DynaRoot Powder No2

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DynaRoot Powder.

Dynaroot™ is a powerful growth stimulating hormone powder that is designed to help plants grow strong and healthy roots quickly and easily. Dynaroot™ is a concentrated blend of Plant hormones Auxin and Cytokinin, which are readily taken up by the plants. The active ingredient in this powerful rooting hormone powder is Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA), which is a natural plant hormone that plays an important role in promoting root development.

When used as directed, Dynaroot can help plants establish roots more quickly and with greater vigour than they would otherwise. This is especially useful for propagating plants from cuttings, which can be a tricky process. By providing the necessary hormones for root development, Dynaroot helps ensure that cuttings take root and grow into healthy plants.

2. DynaRoot No.2 30mg (Semi-hardwood Cuttings):

Dynaroot™ No.2 is then designed for Semi-Hard wooded cuttings like Roses, Hydrangeas and Fuschias. These plants are easy enough to identify as they have a layer of secondary thickening or first layers of Bark that have developed Rooting Potential is around 60-70%.

Dynaroot™ Powder Features:

  • Dynaroot™ is produced locally which makes it a proudly South African product
  • Dynaroot™ is more affordable than similar products on the market
  • Dynaroot™ is environmentally friendly
  • A number of top nurseries in the Netherlands use Dynaroot™ at their African facilities
  • Dynaroot™ showed significantly greater results in comparison to the top European product during 4 independent trials in the Netherlands

More Benefits Of Using A Rooting Hormone Powder:

 Promotes faster and more extensive root growth.

 Helps plants establish more quickly and efficiently.

 Increases the chances of successful propagation.

✓ Can be used with a wide variety of plant species.

✓ Allows for easier control of the amount of hormone applied.

✓ May help protect against fungal and bacterial diseases.

✓ Cost-effective compared to other propagation methods.

✓ Provides a convenient way to propagate plants from cuttings.

✓ Powder rooting hormone is easy to store and transport.

✓ Can be used in combination with other propagation techniques for even greater success.

DynaRoot is easy to use, and should be used as directed below:

  1. Dip 10-20 mm of the lower plant cutting into the powder
  2. Tap gently on the side to remove any excess powder
  3. Plant the cutting in any medium of your choice (see below the suitable growing media)

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