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Expanded Clay Pebbles (Leca)

Expanded Clay Pebbles (Leca)

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Expanded Clay Pebbles also known as Leca & even Hydro Balls

Expanded Clay is created by heating marine clay to temperatures of 1150 degrees centigrade. Hence, these particles are essentially burnt clay with thousands of air-filled cavities. Expanded Clay is therefore a natural product. It is used in the construction industry as an aggregate, insulation in flooring and roofing and for drainage.

Expanded Clay is an ideal horticultural aggregate, since it has excellent ventilating properties.  The cavities within the particles help retain water and prevent evaporation from the soil.  It is chemically neutral, cleaner than soil and has no pests or fungi.  As a hydroponic medium, its weight also allows it to be used in a variety of growing beds from PVC guttering to individual pots.

Pebble Size: 9-16mm

Available in 1 Liters & 5 Liters

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