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Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs & Caps Pro

Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs & Caps Pro

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Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs & Caps Pro.

Brought to you by Hemper USA.

These Bong Plugs make cleaning your bong a breeze!

A complete bong cleaning system that makes cleaning your pipes, rigs, bowls, and accessories easier than ever. This system includes:

  • 3 double-sided cleaning stoppers that are designed to seal the ends of just about any size ground joint or mouthpiece.
  • Cleaning Container - Large plug doubles as an impact resistant cleaning container that is perfect for worry-free cleaning of smaller items like bowls, bangers, and small accessories
  • Simply place your small item inside the container with some cleaning solution, close the container, and agitate or soak.

Main advantages over competitors (Resolution Caps & other cleaning plugs)

  • First cleaning system for smoking gear to include plugs AND a cleaning container for smaller items.
  • No other brand of caps/plugs are dual function to fit both male and female glass joints
  • All of the plugs nest neatly into the large plug/container


  • (2) small multipurpose stoppers
  • (1) cleaning container/large multipurpose stopper
  • (1) watertight container cap

Looking for the Hemper Tech Cleaning Plugs & Caps Pro? or maybe even the  perfect bong or dab rig for your collection? Contact Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge today or take a look through our online store for details on our offers.

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