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LUMii MAXii Reflector

LUMii MAXii Reflector

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LUMii MAXii Reflector.

The LUMii Maxii Reflector, characterized by its horizontal orientation, open-ended design, and lightweight construction, performs admirably and demonstrates remarkable efficiency, offering excellent value. With dimensions measuring 190mm in height, 430mm in width, and 470mm in length, this reflector embodies convenience and practicality.

Designed in the Dutch barn style, the pre-assembled LUMii MAXii Reflector boasts simplicity and functionality. Its lightweight structure and open-ended design, coupled with a highly polished surface featuring dimples, ensure efficient and uniform light dispersion.

Setting itself apart from competitors, the LUMii MAXii comes equipped with a specialized adjustable light holder compatible with all E40 lamp types. This eliminates the need for additional components, as the lamp holder itself fulfills all necessary earth requirements, enhancing safety features.

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