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Mango Kush Wax Liquidizer

Mango Kush Wax Liquidizer

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nFused Mango Kush Wax Liquidizer is formulated to turn cannabis concentrates into a discrete tasty vape juice. Wax liquidizer works with oils, distillates, rosin, shatter, wax and any type of cannabis concentrate that does not contain plant matter such as kief or hash.

Delicious Flavours -  OG Mint, Mango Kush, Pineapple Express and Grape Ape

Recommended Usage: Mix 1 part concentrate, to 3 Parts Wax Liquidizer.

For stronger mixture: Mix 1 Part Concentrate to 2 Parts Wax Liquidizer

For Weaker mixture: Mix 1 Part concentrate to 4 Parts Wax Liquidizer

This product contains no THC, CBD or Nicotine!

For more info see the user Manual  Here:

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