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Octopus Glass Bong

Octopus Glass Bong

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Introducing The Octopus Glass Bong

The Perfect bong for any sea or Octopus lovers out there.

The Octopus Glass Bongs stand at 19cm tall and is made of borosilicate glass.

They feature a defusing downstem as well as the hole through the middle of this piece acts as a swiss percolator air is forced around these holes, filtering smoke without creating any drag on your pull plus the base of the Octopus acts as a splashguard so this piece is sure to only offer the best, smooth and splash proof hits. Lastly the Bong comes with a really impressive 14mm Diamond Glass Herb Bowl.

Its Short Hight and 90 Degree Female Ground joint males it an ideal Bong to use as a dab rig to!

Octopus Glass Bong Specs: 

Glass Type: Borosilicate 

Design: Octopus Themed.

Hight: 19cm.

Joint Size: 14mm Male.

14mm Diamond Glass Herb Bowl included.

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