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"Omkyk Twak" 1.2 Meter Tall Glass Bong

"Omkyk Twak" 1.2 Meter Tall Glass Bong

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Introducing the "Omkyk Twak" 1.2 Meter Tall Glass Bong.

Brought to you by Local Favorites Dagga Bowl.

The Ideal Bong for those who like a challenge!

This 1.2 Meter Tall Glass Bong ironically called the "Omkyk Twak" Model which roughly translates to the look back smoke will be a head turner for anyone who lays their eyes on it. 

This Piece is Huge standing at a massive 1.2 meters tall and is a beaker bong  stands and features a defusing downstem as well as a built in ice catcher allowing for the smoothest hits with the option of cooling the smoke down even further when ice is added, 

It will require either lungs of steel or multiple lung busting rips in order to burn through all the material in the bowl, ohh and by the way best invite a friend as hitting this bong might be a 2 man job!

1.2 Meter Tall Glass Bong Specs: 

Glass Type: Borosilicate 

Design: 1.2 meter tall Straight stem.

Hight: 120cm.

Joint Size: 14mm Male.

14mm Clear Glass Herb Bowl included.

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