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EHG PH Tester Kit

EHG PH Tester Kit

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EHG PH Tester Kit

Brought to you by Easy Hydro Grow (EHG)

EHG’s pH Tester is used to test the pH of your
nutrient solution prior to watering.

The colour
scale chart provided is a guideline within the pH
range of 4 and 8.

It is important to test your well solution before
every feeding and flushing and at least daily in
a circulating system to ensure the pH is always
at optimal for the specific plants you are

The pH will fluctuate as your plants
take up nutrients and this is essential to correct.

Directions for Use -
-Fill the vial halfway and add 2 drops of test
solution, secure the lid and shake.

-Compare the test solution in the vial to the
colour chart provided and adjust accordingly by
adding small amounts at a time of either EHG's
pH Up or Down to your well as needed.

before every retest until the optimal pH is

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