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Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size 1000 Cones Bulk Box

Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size 1000 Cones Bulk Box

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Introducing The Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size 1000 Cones Bulk Box

Brought to you by Pure Hemp

The pre-roll cones are tipped with a 26mm unbleached crutch, the perfect size to pass the dutchie and not burn each other. Our cones are meticulously crafted using a Patent Protected spirally wrapped method inspired by the great cigar torcedors. By learning from the torcedors and adapting their methods we found the sweet spot for rolling cones and Pure Hemp is now able to offer you a superior, tree free, eco paper pre-roll cone where there is zero extra paper leftover to affect the taste of your flowers. The micro gumline is the thinnest in the game and is vegan, derived from sustainably harvested African Acacia tree gum.


110mm King Size cones

26mm Unbleached Tip included

1,000 Cones Per Box

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