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ROOT!T Hobby Heat Mats

ROOT!T Hobby Heat Mats

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ROOT!T Hobby Heat Mats.

Heat mats warm the root zone of your cuttings/seedlings speeding up the germination process. When taking cuttings or sprouting seeds it is very important to create the perfect environment for the root zone to assist with faster root development and protect them from harsh conditions. The Root!t heat mates will allow you to start your propagation earlier or continue later into the season. Gentle heat is generated by the single mesh element encased inside a waterproof, fray-proof matting. Ideal to withstand the tough greenhouse conditions.

Place the heat mat underneath the propagator to warm up the rooting area. Its uniform heat distribution will encourage an equal growth rate throughout seedlings or cuttings.

Don’t use outdoors- in a protected environment only.

Available in the following sizes: Small 11W(350 mm x 250 mm), Medium 30W(600 x 400 mm), Large 60W(1200 mm x 400 mm)

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