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Silicone Blunt Bubbler

Silicone Blunt Bubbler

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Introducing the Silicone Blunt Bubbler

A Blunt Bubbler is used for adding a layer of water filtration to your blunts or joint, kind like a bong to smoke your joint out of.

Simply fill the blunt bubbler slightly, Pop you joint in on the front and take a smooth chilled rip off that bad boy for a whole new way to experience your joint!

This handy blunt bubbler is made from food grade silicone and stands at 7.5cm tall and better yet the base can act as a suction's cup to ensure your blunt bubbler stays exactly where it needs to and avoids spills.

Available in various colors and colors will vary on orders.

Looking for a Blunt Bubbler? why not try out the silicon Blunt bubbler or maybe you looking for the  perfect bong or pipe for your collection? Contact Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge today or take a look through our online store for details on our offers.

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