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Smart Start Clone LED Grow Lights

Smart Start Clone LED Grow Lights

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Smart Start Clone LED Grow Lights.

Smart Start Clone LED is the perfect replacement for a T5 fluorescent light fixture and is a led grow light for clones. Perfectly suited to inside vegging to grow moms, clones, propagation of plants, or in a completely controlled environment such as verticle farming.

The Smart Start 20W Clone LED is 60% more efficient running off 20 watts, fully waterproof, and is rated for 54,000 hours. 2 strips per pack. The Smart Start 20w Clone LED has been tested in nursery applications for over 2 years.

For cloning, we recommend using one pair of strips per shelf on a standard wire rack, which will cover four 25cm x 50cm standard propagation trays nicely. If you wish to veg under these lights we recommend using 3-4 pairs (6-8 strips) over each 120cm x 120cm area.

Smart Start Clone LED Grow light features

  • Color Temperature: 6500 Kelvin optimal for vegging and propagating plants in early development
  • 54μmol/s The Intensity of plant lighting
  • Beam Angle: 120° for a greater spread of light.
  • Simple and ultra-slim structure with easy Daisy-chain design capabilities which will allow you to interlink and connect up to 50 fittings with one connection to the electrical mains. This means fewer cables in the way of your work and less risk of tripping over the electricals.
  • Industrial grade IP65 waterproof protection of housing and connectors which means you can mist and spray your plants without the hazard of water getting into the electrical equipment
  • Designed and Supported in South Africa - Made in China

20W per strip (0.15 amps on 120V)

Daisy chain up to 50 strips on a 20 amp circuit

Two strips in the array per shelf 


What's in the Box:

  • Set of 2 Smart Start Clone LED Grow Light Strips 
  • Hanging clip/ceiling bracket for easy installation in your growing area on shelves or racks.
  • AC Power Cord 1.2m, (South African Plug Point) 
  • Waterproof cap
  • 2 X Smart Start Clone LED Grow Light Strips 

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