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The Original Cones 1¼ Size 900 Bulk Box

The Original Cones 1¼ Size 900 Bulk Box

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The Original Cones 1¼ Size Cones Box of 900.

Brought to you by Mountain High

Available in Natural and Bio Organic Hemp


Treat your clients to a pure, natural smoking experience with our Natural Pre-rolled Paper Cones. The pre-rolled Cones are made of unbleached and 100% natural rolling paper. That is exactly what the modern consumer wants to see: “the more natural, the better”. Of course, without interfering with smoking enjoyment in any way: Our natural Cones also guarantee an optimum flavour experience and wonderful smoking pleasure.

Organic Hemp

Get to know our newest generation of pre-rolled Cones: Cones Bio Organic Hemp. These cones are made of organic hemp. The high-quality rolling paper is made completely organically and is free of chlorine and chemicals. Users will be treated to a 100% pure flavour experience and an unadulterated smoking pleasure.

A reliable brand

Cones® has been the official brand for pre-rolled paper Cones since 1994. The brand is a synonym for quality, ease, and the ultimate smoking experience and is prized far and wide. The natural rolling paper features the original Cones watermark for the best in brand recognition and guarantees that these are the real deal. Cones Natural feature an integrated cardboard filter. This innovative filter tip ensures maximum smoke circulation and prevents you from inhaling what you fill the Cones with.

Pre-rolled papers are the way to go whether you are a newbie or the expert and aficionado. These take out the hassle of rolling. What’s more is that you will have a perfectly rolled paper every time you need it.

Each cone is fitted with a filter for that bit of extra convenience. No more fiddling and wasting tons of papers and gerricks. Simply grab a cone and fill with your smoke of choice.

Each variant contains 900 pre-rolled 1¼ Size cones.

Looking for The Original Cones Natural 1¼ Size Cones Box of 900? Visit Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge today, or browse through our online store for details on our products.

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