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Vibes Rice Papers 1 1/4 Slim With Tips

Vibes Rice Papers 1 1/4 Slim With Tips

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Introducing Vibes Rice Papers 1 1/4 Slim With Tips

Brought to you by Vibes Rolling Papers

Brought to you all the way from the USA

Vibes are one of the fastest growing rolling papers in the industry. Despite their fairly recent launch, the brand has seen massive success across the United States, with global interest also soaring.

One of the things that make Vibes so exciting, is that they are created by Berner, the founder of Cookies, a brand renowned for high-end products. The Vibes range offers true connoisseurs the quality they look for in a smoking product, while the Vibes brand and its association with Cookies alone gain the attention of the younger demographic.

We truly believe that Vibes are the future of premium rolling papers. Vibes has a strong product range and is challenging the current market leaders in the rolling paper category. In the American market, there has been a shift away from traditional brands and towards Vibes by those heavily involved with cannabis culture.
They offer an amazing smoke, a variety of choices and are also both new and exciting. For those who only want the best, Vibes becomes a staple choice.

Vibes King Size Slim Rice papers are geared for those that want a slower burning paper over all else. Rice paper burns slower than hemp making for extended sessions. With the added length of the King Size Slim Vibes papers you’ll be able to hunker down and appreciate your materials flavor

Each Pack Contains: 33 1 1/4 Slim + Tips

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