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Wilma Large 4 Complete System 18L

Wilma Large 4 Complete System 18L

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Wilma Large 4 Complete System 18L.

The Wilma Hydroponic Growing starter kit is a complete recirculating hydroponic growing system brought to you by the team at Atami.

The Wilma is a Purpose-built plant nursing tray with 4 x pots that rest comfortably on top of a reservoir with an automated watering system. 

The system includes a water pump and drippers for feeding and watering your plants. An analogue or digital timer is which is included and needs to be set your preferred watering/feeding schedule.

This hydroponic grow system is light in weight and easy to move. Very steady in the nursing area allowing for plants to maintain a sturdy structure even when they have grown to a large size.

Wilma hydroponic kits are specifically designed for home growers, as the system is ideally suited to fit into a 1.0m/1.2m or 1.5m grow tent.

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