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YoYo Plant Trainers

YoYo Plant Trainers

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YoYo Plant Trainers 

The PLANT!T YoYo Plant Trainer are superb for separating and spreading out your plant stems. Attach the yoyo to your tent-frame or grow-room wall and then pull out the angled hook and clip it around the plant-stem. The gentle tension in the yoyo will then pull the plant-stem out. Great for getting plants to open out for increased yields!

  • YoYo Plant Trainer – one of our most popular plant-training / support devices
  • Contains a 1.2m long nylon line with an angled hook for clipping around a stem
  • Light spring tension in the yo-yo gently pulls the stem toward the reel
  • Alternatively, you can insert the included plastic stopper to keep the line at a static length.
  • Attach yo-yo to your tent-fame or grow-room wall and gently open your plant out to receive more of the available light
  • Helps you to make the most of your grow-space and light
  • Re-useable many times

Pricing is per Single YoYo

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