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Mimosa Punch Auto

Mimosa Punch Auto

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Mimosa Punch Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Brought to you by Dutch Passion.

Mimosa (Clementine X Purple Punch) X Auto Purple Punch.

Why should I buy Auto Mimosa Punch feminised autoflower seeds?

  • Auto Mimosa Punch is a fast growing and vigorous autoflower. Her strong, stiff branches can easily support the weight of the flowers

  • This USA autoflower cannabis strain has an average-length grow cycle from autoflower seed to harvest. She is ready to harvest in an average of 10-12 weeks after germination, with some XXL plants taking a week (or two) longer

  • Auto Mimosa Punch is known for her cannabis buds with a very unique terpene profile. The buds have a powerful, penetrating scent  and a beautiful bag appeal with occasional purple and pink colours in the buds

  • She is an autoflower seed variety with a unique taste experience. It is a fruity, sour, diesel-like and creamy smell/taste that can sometimes resemble a combination of a Purple Punch, 'Tangie' and NYC Diesel. Very 'terpy', she also has a high THC content and a powerful yet relaxing high

Auto Mimosa Punch won 2nd prize at the Highlife Cup in the Autoflower category in 2022

Auto Mimosa Punch took 2nd place in the Autoflower category at the prestigious Highlife Cup in the Netherlands in 2022. She managed to win this cannabis cup just after the official launch of this strain. The judges particularly loved the unique terpene profile and high potency.

Auto Mimosa Punch is a super terpy autoflower with a unique terpene profile with a fruity citrus, sour and diesel-like aroma and taste

The development of Auto Mimosa Punch was a real triumph. Dutch Passion geneticists wanted to create a super 'terpy' autoflower with this crossing of Mimosa and Purple Punch and it has proven to be very successful.

The tasty fruity tones in combination with the subtle diesel-like tones provide a real treat for your taste palate. The buds are also full of trichomes and have a beautiful appearance.

But the exceptional terpene profile is why you simply have to try this autoflower! What stood out most about the results of the terpene analysis were the extraordinarily high levels of the most dominant terpenes, beta-myrcene, beta-pinene, terpinolene and beta-caryophyllene. These were highest terpene levels we had ever seen in an autoflower.

During the flowering phase, this USA auto already smells very attractive. She gives off a fruity aroma with strong sour, diesel-type undertones. And the smell is really very pungent!

Other phenotypes smell more fresh (and sour), sometimes even tangerine/orange (‘tangie-style’). Some growers smell a more hazy profile and sour green apples. All in all a very special terpene profile. And perhaps the best part is that it tastes exactly like it smells.

Auto Mimosa Punch is a one-of-a-kind autoflower with strong smelling buds and a nice bag appeal

The buds of this strain are beautiful, thick round flowers with an overwhelmingly dense layer of trichomes. This thick coating tells you everything you need to know about the potency of this strain.

Beneath this thick sticky layer of resin, some phenotypes even have beautiful purple and blue colours, which really take the appearance to new exotic heights! This in combination with the strong pungent smell makes this a top autoflower from our USA-special autoflower seeds collection. A must-have for the connoisseur grower!

What exactly are the genetics in Auto Mimosa Punch?

The new addition to our autoflower collection is based on the award-winning genetics of the famous 'Mimosa', a clone-only strain from North America. Mimosa was originally created by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. The Dutch Passion team of breeders crossed this strain with an autoflowering Purple Punch.

Most phenos are green and have nice, glossy leaves, but there are also some coloured plants with beautiful purple/pink tones in the buds. Auto Mimosa Punch is one of Dutch Passion’s most coveted and highly anticipated feminised autoflowering strains.

Using the best Mimosa and Purple Punch genetics has resulted in a one-of-a-kind autoflower. This strain has one of the best terpene profiles our geneticists have managed to create to date! And these powerful genetics certainly have that extra (purple) punch!

Auto Mimosa Punch is a vigorous, beautiful, sticky terpene rich cannabis strain with strong plants, a large yield and a pleasant high

Auto Mimosa Punch is part of the Dutch Passion USA Special cannabis seed collection, where you will find the strongest smelling and most potent cannabis strains! This strain is made for the true cannabis aficionados and lovers of terpene-rich buds!

The development of this cannabis strain took more time than usual, but the result is impressive! A truly top USA autoflower of the highest quality, Auto Mimosa Punch comes with our highest recommendations.

The cannabis cup-winning Mimosa (Clementine x Purple Punch) genetics provide powerful plants that have considerable strength. This is a vigorous strain that can produce a number of different phenotypes. Most plants are medium sized with strong branches and good internode spacing.

However, there are also plants that belong to the XXL category, with an average height of 1.5-2m. Especially when grown in large pots or in a hydro system with powerful LED lights. These are the ladies with the highest yield and a slightly longer flowering time.

In general, most plants will grow between 50-100cm. Usually this strain takes about 70-80 days to fully mature. However, the very largest phenotypes are around 1-2 weeks slower. Meaning that you may need a total of 12-13 weeks from cannabis seed to harvest. Be patient because these plants are more than worth it!

They normally grow, without the use of training techniques, with the classic Dutch Passion auto structure. A large central main cola surrounded by many sturdy side blooms. During the first 3-4 weeks she mainly grows in width, but from weeks 4 and 5 you can prepare for the vertical stretching period.

The buds are firm and compact, even with the very largest phenotypes. This ensures a good yield, even with smaller plants. The best thing about this strain is the unique blend of terpenes, very pungent with super flavour. You really feel like you are on a tropical fruit market!

The thick layer of cannabis trichomes and strong aroma will put a smile on your face while harvesting. This species is also very suitable for making cannabis concentrates/extracts and in particular making 'live-resin' extracts and rosin/BHO/wax.

The genetics used for Auto Mimosa Punch guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium size hybrid autoflower with extremely pungent buds and great bag appeal
  • Auto Mimosa Punch is a large-yielding strain (with peaks up to XXL) with vigorous plants and compact buds
  • This autoflower seed is ideally suited to expert growers or those with some experience because (as a beginner with the largest phenotypes) you will have a slightly greater challenge in controlling/training the fast-growing plants
  • Auto Mimosa Punch is a potent autoflower strain (around 15-20% THC in good conditions) with a powerful high and great taste

Effects of Auto Mimosa Punch

The effect of the Auto Mimosa Punch is powerful yet relaxing. The high THC levels in combination with the high terpene content give this indica/sativa hybrid autoflower a body & mind relaxing high. The buds mainly give you a refreshing, uplifting high - letting you enjoy the moment and relax in your own zone.

These effects are very pleasant and deeply relaxing to experience. The high is strong and quite long lasting. It is possible to smoke this strain throughout the day but be careful with the amount as she can be overpowering in high doses.

Smokers experience laughter kicks and an ultimate relaxed feeling when consuming this variety. Reading a book, enjoying nature, relaxing on the couch, a cozy evening with friends around the campfire. All these activities fit perfectly with Auto Mimosa Punch.

Auto Mimosa Punch flowering time

Auto Mimosa Punch has an average flowering time of approximately 10-12 weeks. This is true for most plants when grown on a 20/4 or 18/6 autoflower light cycle. The very largest XXL phenotypes can take a little longer, around 90-100 days to fully mature depending on conditions.

She is a variety that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but always choose the driest and most sunny 3 months outdoors and preferably give her a shelter during prolonged periods of rain/cold.

The plants grow to an average height of between 50-100 cm. In exceptional cases she can produce plants that grow around 1.5 meters to even 2 meters high! If you want to keep her small, it is recommended to grow her in smaller pots or train / supercrop her early.

Beautiful purple and pink hues can occur outdoors…and indoors in cooler conditions. This gives the very white buds an even more beautiful and exotic look!

The yield of Auto Mimosa Punch

Auto Mimosa Punch is a strain with a large (‘L’) yield, which in some cases (with the right phenotypes) can easily reach XL or even XXL. But in general medium-sized, relatively compact plants grow from these autoflowering cannabis seeds, therefore we rate her yields with an ‘L’ marking.

She is a strong grower with stiff branches that can easily support the buds. A yield of around 400-500g/m2 is quite possible, even for less experienced growers. Experts can harvest between 600-750g/m2 (approximately 1.5-2g/w) with powerful LED lights and e.g. a hydro system.

Outdoors you will be able to harvest between 50-100g per plant on average, but in very dry and sunny conditions this can go up to a few hundred grams per plant with some phenotypes!

As always, we recommend using organic or vegan nutrients for the best flavour profile. Although we should add that she does really exceptionally well in cannabis hydroponics and even there she has a mouth-watering terpene profile!

Expert Advice

This autoflowering seed variety has a very strong, pungent smell during the flowering phase. That is why it is important to use good carbon filters during the entire cultivation. These 'terp-heavy' genetics will otherwise make your whole room/house smell like cannabis!

Growers who enjoy hanging out in their grow room will fall in love with Auto Mimosa Punch. It's an exotic, pungent terpene profile that few strains can match! As mentioned earlier, some phenotypes of this strain can grow quite large in proportion, especially when grown in good conditions.

If you want to keep these XXL ladies in check, we recommend training/supercropping her early and possibly growing her in slightly smaller pots (around 12L-15L).

Information about Auto Mimosa Punch

If you are looking for an autoflower of the very best quality, with an extremely high terpene content and a high THC content in combination with a real knock-out punch then look no further! Our Mimosa Punch is a hidden gem for lovers of true 'terpy' American cannabis genetics.


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