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Knocked the glass bowl off the bong accidentally and watched it do what glass does when it hits the ground? Lost your glass dab nail and there is no way of ever finding it again? You need another coil head for your wax device?

Fear not fellow smokers, Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge has you covered with a variety of bong and rig replacements that will have your beloved setup back in action quicker than you can say ‘Hey, watch the bong!’

Replacement Parts for Bongs, Rigs & Devices

We offer various bong replacements for glass herb bowls, as well as downstems for converting them into dab rigs. That’s right. We can make your already awesome bong, that much more awesome.

Speaking of dab rigs, we have rig replacement parts on offer as well, for broken Dab Bangers, Dab nails and Dab domes.

We also stock herb and wax device spares for replacements on coil heads and material tanks

Order Replacements Online

Need bong and rig replacement parts? Visit Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge or check out our online store for details.

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