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45 Micron Rosin Bags

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45 Micron Rosin Bags

These Standard Single Stich 45 Micron Rosin Bags are Usually used for kief or bubble hash, and  will give you a good yield with excellent quality. Mainly used for super dry out material. For flower you will get a small yield but the best possible quality.

Rosin Bags Are Mono-filament synthetic fibers that is woven very precisely to create industrial textiles with narrow pore placement. we call these pores/holes microns which is 1/1000 of a mm.

The micron bags are  designed to withstand 200°c instant heat, and is able to take over 20 tons of pressure, so for pressing this is the perfect material, we have yet to have any blowouts/ tears in the material after first use

Length 125mm By Width 75mm

Pricing is per Pack of 10 Rosin Bags

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