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E-Nail Quartz Banger

E-Nail Quartz Banger

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Introducing the E-Nail Quartz Banger

This Style of Banger is for anyone who have moved over to a electric heating Nail (E-Nail Kit) over blow torch heating.

This Quartz Dab Banger is perfect to pair with a 25mm Electric E-Nail Coil and ensure you can actually control the temperatures for the right intensity of heat every time. 

It has a built-in hook on the side to secure the coil and prevent it from moving/falling. 

The Beveled top ensures a sealed fit for just about any carb cap and furthermore the flat base allows it to be paired with terp pearls as well making this the ideal banger for long, smooth & tasty rips every time using your electric E-nail kit.

Inside Diameter: 20mm

Banger Diameter 25mm

Available In:

90 Degree: 14mm Male,

Compatible with the following:

Carb Caps: Quartz Bubble Carb Cap,  Zig Zag Bubble Carb CapsStriped Bubble Carb CapsInternal Spinning Ball Bubble Carb Cap Rainbow Striped Bubble Carb Caps ,Vortex Carb Caps ,Speckled Top Vortex Carb Caps, Bubble Vortex Carb Cap & The Quartz Marble Carb Cap

Inserts: Glow In the Dark Terp Pearls

Skyline Recommendation: Pair this Banger with your E-nail Coil & Literally any of our Carb Cap Options but we highly reccomend any of our Vortex Carb Caps Options & a Terp Pearl This will have your mind blown with the vortex vaporizing action!

Skyline Vape & Smoke Lounge has everything related to your dabbing needs. Looking for a E-Nail Quartz Banger? Visit our store or shop online for details on our offers.

We Don't Just Ship to Johannesburg, Capetown & Durban we ship Nationwide Anywhere in South Africa!

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