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Goji Mango Blunt Wraps

Goji Mango Blunt Wraps

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King Palm Goji Mango Blunt Wraps.

Sustainably Harvested Goji Berries

We are excited to introduce a mango-flavored variety of the world’s first goji blunt wraps. The berries of the goji superfruit are harvested sustainably, with the pulp and fiber being processed into wraps with renewable power.

Every 4-pack of mango goji mango flavored blunt wraps also contains 4 Model X filter tips. The filter tips help prevent hot particulates from entering the mouth and airway.

Our goji smoking wraps burn super-slow and provide an ultra-smooth smoking experience that compliments any of your favorite strains.

The sweetness of the goji berries combined with the fruity, natural mango terpenes and oils make these natural wraps a delicious smoking experience, without overpowering your cannabis.

The wrap is sized perfectly for easy hand-rolling or for use in any king-sized roller.

Experience the exotic fusion of mango and goji in our natural blunt wraps today! Elevate your smoking session with slow-burning, ultra-smooth, and flavorful blunts wraps that perfectly complement your favorite strains. Don’t wait –  order a 4-pack of mango goji blunt wraps with Model X filter tips and transform your rolling game now!

  • 4 Goji Wraps – Mango
  • 4 Model X Tips
  • Derived from the super fruit, the Goji Berry.

About Goji berries

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are small red fruits packed with antioxidants and nutrients, native to Asia and traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

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