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King Palm Flavor Tips

King Palm Flavor Tips

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King Palm Flavor Tips.


King Palm does flavors differently and better than any flavored rolling papers. Unlike most roll-your-own companies that spray their wraps with flavor, King Palm infuses terpene-filled flavor capsules directly into our cornhusk joint filters for an improved flavor experience. The result? Our signature flavored blunt tips.

These joint filter tips are just as natural as the flavors. King Palm utilizes organic, naturally grown corn husk to craft our innovative joint filters, creating the most eco-friendly and rewarding smoke possible.

Natural Terpenes.
Along with being completely natural, these blunt tips are going to produce a much smoother, more pleasant smoke than your typical paper or glass joint filter. The organic corn husk is durable, allowing you to adjust the shape of the blunt tip to aid in cooling your puffs. Plus, King Palm guarantees ample airflow but without the worry of cannabis coming through: the holes within the joint filter tip simply aren’t large enough! 

Add Flavor to Any Rolling Paper or Blunt.
You can insert these flavored blunt tips directly into any 7mm. blunt, joint, or King Palm, of course. To activate the tasty flavors, simply squeeze the joint filter between your fingers after placing it within your roll. You’ll hear a noticeable pop, indicating that the flavors are flowing. Now, with every hit you take, you will experience all-natural flavors that completely enhance your flower’s flavors. 

Activate Flavor By Applying Pressure.
Feel free to activate the flavors as soon as you start smoking, or you can wait and experience the natural flavors of your flower first. Regardless of whether you activate it right away or halfway through, the incredible tastes and aromas are unlike anything you’ve smoked yet.

Each pack of filters comes with 2 hand-rolled tips made from only the best, all-natural corn husks.

Available in the following flavours:
Lemon Haze, Pine Drip, Magic Mint, Berry Terps, Banana Cream, Gelato Cream & Mango OG.

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