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King Palm's Margarita Mini Rolls

King Palm's Margarita Mini Rolls

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King Palm's Margarita Mini Rolls

Being directly inspired by traditional smoking methods, and after years of perfecting designs and ensuring only the highest quality-control standards, King Palm introduced their handmade, all-natural leaf wraps. King Palm crafts every one of their organic pre-rolled cones to replicate the beauty of the classic wrap people have been enjoying for centuries. Just like those who came before us, King Palm is embracing all things natural for your smoking experience.

With King Palm’s Margarita Mini Rolls, it’s always time for a drink. These Mini Rolls contain fruit-derived terpene capsules that mimic the flavors of a classic margarita. Combine this tasty profile with your product, and your tastebuds will explode. To get the flavors flowing, simply squeeze the filter until you hear a pop! Once you hear this, you’ll be able to smell the fruity flavors coming through. Now, all you have to do is smoke.

2 Margarita Mini Rolls Per Pack
One Organic Bamboo Packing Stick Per Pack

Each Cone will hold 1g of material

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