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Small LED Grow Tent Kit

Small LED Grow Tent Kit

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Small LED Grow Tent Kit.

Introducing our LED Grow Tent Kits, the all-in-one solution for cultivating your indoor garden with ease and efficiency. Designed for both novice growers and seasoned enthusiasts, this kit provides everything you need to start growing your favourite plants indoors.

Each Kit includes the following:

-1x Light House Lite Grow Tent(1m x 1m x 2m)
-1x LUMii BLACK Blade 200W LED Grow Light
-1x 100mm RAM Mixed Flow Inline Fan 
-1x 100mm RAM Pro Active Carbon Filter 
-1x RAM 180mm (7") Oscillating Fan
-LUMii Rope Ratchet - Pack of 2
-1x 10m 150mm RAM ALUDUCT Low Noise Ducting & Quick Release Clamp
-1x Garden HighPro ProHygro Basic indoor thermo hygrometer

Whether you're growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers, our Grow Tent Kit provides a convenient and reliable solution for successful indoor gardening. Start your journey to greener thumbs today with our comprehensive Grow Tent Kit.

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