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The Tidy Trim

The Tidy Trim

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Introducing The Tidy Trim

Manufactured and assembled in South Africa Tidy Trim is a Women owned

This 2 part trimming aid features a 150μm (micron) stainless steel
screen. This allows trichomes to descend to the lower tray as you trim.
Empty out the top bowl of unwanted trim regularly to keep things really
tidy while you collect your prize below.

Cannabis trichomes are approximately 100 micron (1mm=1000 microns) wide
so there’s plenty of room for them to pass through the screen. Upon
lifting the upper bowl, you’ll discover a layer of golden kief below.

Ergonomically designed, the Tidy Trim provides ultimate user comfort
during prolonged use. Simply rest your arms in the designated area and
get trimming.

No table? No problem! The Tidy Trim nestles perfectly in a lap and is
light enough to be transported anywhere.

The Tidy Trim won’t crack or break if dropped, is easy to clean and is
highly resistant to corrosion, a very useful tool for the perpetual or
hobbyist home grower.

Constructed from high grade plastics, stainless steel and aluminium
ensures durability for years to come. Using the highest quality
materials doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to buy one, your
wallet will thank you.

Correctly dried cannabis flowers will give you the best results. Stems
should have a snap in them before trimming commences. Wet flowers tends
to yield far less trichomes so go for the dry trim, the pros do.
Unwanted trim can be cured further and processed over the screen again
to give you another kief harvest.

Light is THC’s biggest enemy so keep your kief in the dark. Supercharge
joints or press it into creamy, terpene rich rosin (we offer this
service). Be careful though, kief is potent stuff.

Tidy Trim Features:

- High quality corrosion resistant materials
- Comfortable design for prolonged use
- Lightweight and nestles perfectly in a lap
- Portable and easy to clean
- Budget friendly

Dimension in cm 59x44x16 weight 2.04kg

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